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  • James Ware (1594-1666)


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5 1705

Ware, James (1594-1666)

The Antiquities and history of Ireland, by the right honourable Sir James Ware,... containing : 1. His Inquiries into the antiquities of Ireland... to which are annexed catalogues of all the chief governors, of the lords spiritual and temporal and commons in the present Parliament, the mayors, lord mayors and sheriffs of the city of Dublin, the present establishment of Ireland, with Lists of the principal officers civil and military, the commissioners of the revenue, "etc.", 2. His Annals of Ireland from the first conquest by the English, a great part of which is now first published, together with a Chronological account of the most memorable events continued from the reign of Queen Elizabeth to this present time ; 3. His Commentaries of the prelates of Ireland from the first planting of christianity there, to the year 1665, to which is now added a continuation thereof to 1704, and a catalogue of all the chancellors and provosts of Trinity College, Dublin, from its foundation, together with the present fellows ; 4. His two books of the Writers of Ireland, wherein are many remarkable pieces of antiquity, much augmented from the author's original manuscripts ; 5. By way of appendix is added that rare and admirable Discourse of Sir John Davis,... of the cause why Ireland was no sooner reduced to the obedience of the crown of England... Now first published in one volume in English, and the life of Sir James Ware prefixed
printed for Awnsham and J. Churchill and J. Robinson