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1 1731

Prelleur, Peter (1705?-1741)

The modern musick-master or, The universal musician , containing, I. An introduction to singing, after so easy a method, that persons of the meanest capacities may (in a short time) learn to sing (in time) any song that is set to musick. II. Directions for playing on the flute ; with a scale for transposing any piece of musick to the properest keys for that instrument. III. The newest method for learners on the German flute, as improv'd by the greatest masters of the age. IV. Instructions upon the hautboy, in a more familiar method than any extant. V. The art of playing on the violin ; with a new scale shewing how to stop every flat or sharp note, exactly in tune, and where the shifts of the hand should be made. VI. The harpsichord illustrated & improv'd ; wherein is shewn the Italian manner of fingering, with sets of lessons for beginners, & those who are already proficients on that instrument and the organ ; with rules for attaining to play a thorough-bass. In which is included a large collection of airs, and lessons, adapted to the several instruments, extracted from the works of Mr. Handel, Bononcini, Albinoni, and other eminent masters. With a brief history of musick, wherein is related the several changes, additions, and improvements, from its origin to this present time. To which is added, a musical dictionary, explaining such Greek, Latin, Italian, and French words as generally occur in musick. Curiously adorned with cuts representing the manner of performing on every instrument. Fiely engraved on above 320 plates

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