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Titre(s) : Revolutionary moments [Texte imprimé] : reading revolutionary texts / edited by Rachel Hammersley

Publication : London : Bloomsbury Academic, 2015

Description matérielle : 1 vol. (XV-208 p.) ; 24 cm

Collection : Textual moments in the history of political thought

Lien à la collection : Textual moments in the history of political thought 

Note(s) : Notes bibliogr. p. [183]-202. Index
Since at least the mid-seventeenth century, the concept of revolution has been an important tool both for those seeking to bring about political change and for those trying to understand it. And it is as relevant today as it has ever been. This volume re-evaluates our understanding of the history of revolutionary thought by examining a selection of key texts. These range from the 17th to the 20th century, and are carefully chosen to include both constitutional documents and theoretical works by figures such as James Harrington, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Maximilian Robespierre, Peter Kropotkin and Deng Xiaoping Each chapter engages with a particular revolutionary moment via a specific text, usually an extract of around 300 words, and considers the significance of the text for the history of revolutionary thought. The structure of the book allows readers to make connections and comparisons across the different revolutionary texts and moments, thereby providing a broader, deeper and more nuanced understanding of revolutions. Stimulating, accessible and interdisciplinary, Revolutionary Moments will appeal to students and researchers in the history of political thought and intellectual history, and beyond

Autre(s) auteur(s) : Hammersley, Rachel (1974-....). Éditeur scientifique  Voir les notices liées en tant qu'auteur

Sujet(s) : Idées politiques -- Histoire  Voir les notices liées en tant que sujet
Révolutions -- Philosophie -- Histoire  Voir les notices liées en tant que sujet
Changement social -- Histoire  Voir les notices liées en tant que sujet

Numéros : ISBN 9781472517203 (rel.)

Notice n° :  FRBNF45455266 (notice reprise d'un réservoir extérieur)

Table des matières : From Native Rights to Natural Equality : The Agreement of the People (1647) / Rachel Foxley ; James Harrington, The Commonwealth of Oceana and a Revolution in the Language of Politics / Rachel Hammersley ; Revolution Principles / Mark Knights ; A révolution ménagée : Mably's Des Droits et des devoirs du citoyen / Johnson Kent Wright ; Rousseau and Revolutions / Richard Whatmore ; Exclusion at the Founding : The Declaration of Independence / Robert Parkinson ; Securing Liberty : The Federalist Papers / T.G. Rodgers ; Revolution, Reform and the Political Thought of Emmanuel-Joseph Sieyès / Michael Sonenscher ; The Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen, August 1789 : A Revolutionary Document / Lynn Hunt ; Paine's Rights of Man and the Religiosity of Rights Doctrines / Gregory Claeys ; Virtue and Terror : Maximilien Robespierre on the Principles of the French Revolution / Marisa Linton ; The Haitian Declaration of Independence : Recognition, Freedom and Anti-French Sentiment / Julia Gaffield ; A Lesson in Revolution : Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, The Communist Manifesto / Julian Wright ; From National Backwardness to Revolutionary Leadership : Alexander Herzen's Book On the Development of Revolutionary Ideas in Russia / Derek Offord ; George Plekhanov and the Marxist Turn in Russia / Christopher Read ; Ordinary Miracles : Lenin's Call for Revolutionary Ambition / Lars T. Lih ; Revolution and Evolution : Kropotkin's Anarchism / George Crowder ; Revolutionary Cultivation : Liu Shaoqi's How to be a Good Communist (1939) and the Rejection of Confucian Tradition / Jonathan J. Howlett ; Between Socialist Futures : Mao Zedong on the 'Ten Major Relationships' / Daniel Leese ; Frantz Fanon's The Wretched of the Earth : Embodying Anti-Colonial Action / Xavier Guégan ; Social Imperialism and Mao's Three Worlds : Deng Xiaoping's Speech at the UN General Assembly, 1974 / Jennifer E. Altehenger.

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