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Titre(s) : The Red Sea [Texte électronique] : The Formation, Morphology, Oceanography and Environment of a Young Ocean Basin

Titre d'ensemble : The Red Sea

Édition : Online-Ausg

Publication : Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2015

Description matérielle : Online-Ressource (1 online resource (627 p.))

Collection : Springer Earth System Sciences

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Preface; Contents; 1 Introduction to the Red Sea: Its Origin, Structure, and Environment; Location, Bathymetry and Statistics; Origin of the Red Sea; Onshore Topography; Geophysical Data; Gulfs of Aqaba and Suez; The Red Sea Deeps and Brine Pools; Coastal Geomorphology; Wadis (Seasonal Streams); Coastal Lagoons and Sabkhas; Sharms; Salt-Pans and Salt Marshes; Offshore Islands; Sediments in the Red Sea; Mineral Resources; Environment of the Red Sea; Desalination Plants along the Red Sea; Pollution; Red Sea Biology; Coral Reefs; Fish; Dugongs; Deep-Sea Mollusks; Marine Turtles; Sea Slugs ; PhytoplanktonMangrove Stands; Seagrass; Algae (Seaweeds); Benthic and Planktonic Foraminifera; Oceanography (Climatology); Precipitation and Evaporation; Water Transparency; Salinity; Tidal Range; Water Currents; Wind Regime; Dust Storms; References; 2 The Red Sea: Birth of an Ocean; Abstract; Introduction; Gulf of Aden Rift; Afar Rift; Red Sea; Southern Red Sea Region; Multideeps Red Sea Region; Transitional Red Sea Region; Zabargad Fracture Zone and Northern Red Sea; Magmatism Along the Red Sea; Red Sea Stratigraphy; Conclusions; Acknowledgments; References ; 3 Geological Evolution of the Red Sea: Historical Background, Review, and SynthesisAbstract; Introduction; Geologic and Tectonic Setting; Background; Africa's Other Rifts and the Red Sea; Geomorphology, Axial Deeps, and Rift Shoulder Uplift; Large-Scale Basin Geometry; Stratigraphy; Salt Flowage; Volcanicity; Lithospheric and Crustal Structure; Plate Kinematics and Red Sea Restorations; Red Sea Rift Chronology; Continental Rifting; Oceanic Rifting; Discussion and Synthesis; Rift Driving Forces; Rift Propagation; Northern and Southern Red Sea Comparison; Two Plume Model; Summary ; AcknowledgmentsReferences; 4 Seafloor Spreading Initiation: Geophysical and Geochemical Constraints from the Thetis and Nereus Deeps, Central Red Sea; Abstract; Introduction; Geophysical Constraints; Thetis Deep; Thetis Southern Sub-basin; Thetis Central and Northern Sub-basins; Nereus Deep; Geochemical Constraints; Discussion; Conclusions; Acknowledgments; References; 5 The Northern Red Sea in Transition from Rifting to Drifting-Lessons Learned from Ocean Deeps; Abstract; Introduction; Geological Setting; Transition from Rifting to Seafloor Spreading; Segmentation of the Northern Red Sea ; The Northernmost Red Sea DeepsMethods and Observations; Conrad Deep; Shaban Deep; Kebrit Deep; Discussion; Segmentation-Controlled Development; Seismostratigraphy of Evaporites; Conclusions; Acknowledgments; References; 6 Lineaments in Gravity Data of the Red Sea; Abstract; Introduction; Datasets; Image Processing; Observations; Discussion; Conclusions; Acknowledgments; References; 7 Geodetic Constraints on the Geodynamic Evolution of the Red Sea; Abstract; Introduction; Tectonic Setting of the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden; Geodesy and the Global Positioning System ; Estimating Surface Motions from GPS Observations ; This book presents a broad overview of the current state of knowledge regarding the Red Sea, from its geological formation and oceanographic development to the environmental influences on its ecology and the changes it is experiencing due to the rapid development of its coastlines and role as one of the world's major transport routes. The book gathers invited contributions from researchers with an interest in the geology, geophysics, oceanography and environment of the Red Sea, while also providing comprehensive new data and a complete review of the literature. It will be of interest not only

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