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Titre(s) : Soft computing models in industrial and environmental applications [Texte électronique] : 7th international conference, SOCO'12, Ostrava, Czech Republic, September 5th-7th, 2012 / Vaclav Snášel, Ajith Abraham, and Emilio S. Corchado (eds.)

Publication : Berlin : Springer, cop. 2012

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Collection : (Advances in intelligent systems and computing ; 188)

Note(s) : International conference proceedings
. - Includes bibliographical references and index

Autre(s) auteur(s) : Snášel, Václav (1957-....). Fonction indéterminée  Voir les notices liées en tant qu'auteur
Abraham, Ajith (1968-....). Fonction indéterminée  Voir les notices liées en tant qu'auteur
Corchado, Emilio. Fonction indéterminée  Voir les notices liées en tant qu'auteur

Sujet(s) : Informatique douce  Voir les notices liées en tant que sujet

Indice(s) Dewey : 006.3 (23e éd.)  Voir les notices liées en tant que sujet

Numéros : ISBN 9783642329227

Notice n° :  FRBNF44705437 (notice reprise d'un réservoir extérieur)

Table des matières : A Hybrid Discrete Differential Evolution Algorithm for Economic Lot Scheduling Problem with Time Variant Lot Sizing /Srinjoy Ganguly, Arkabandhu Chowdhury, Swahum Mukherjee, P.N. Suganthan and Swagatam Das, et al. ; An Ordinal Regression Approach for the Unequal Area Facility Layout Problem /M. Pérez-Ortiz, L. García-Hernández, L. Salas-Morera, A. Arauzo-Azofra and C. Hervás-Martínez ; A Soft Computing Approach to Knowledge Flow Synthesis and Optimization /Tomas Rehorek and Pavel Kordik ; The Combination of Bisection Method and Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm for Solving Hard Fix Point Problems /P. Mansouri, B. Asady and N. Gupta ; A System Learning User Preferences for Multiobjective Optimization of Facility Layouts /M. Pérez-Ortiz, A. Arauzo-Azofra, C. Hervás-Martínez, L. García-Hernández and L. Salas-Morera ; Implementing Artificial Immune Systems for the Linear Ordering Problem /Pavel Krömer, Jan Platoš and Václav Snášel
Genetic Programming of Augmenting Topologies for Hypercube-Based Indirect Encoding of Artificial Neural Networks /Jan Drchal and Miroslav Šnorek ; Master Slave LMPM Position Control Using Genetic Algorithms /Tatiana Radičová and Milan Žalman ; An Approach of Genetic Algorithm to Model Supplier Assessment in Inbound Logistics /Dragan Simić, Vasa Svirčević and Svetlana Simić ; Optimization of the Batch Reactor by Means of Chaos Driven Differential Evolution /Roman Senkerik, Donald Davendra, Ivan Zelinka, Zuzana Oplatkova and Michal Pluhacek ; Differential Evolution Classifier with Optimized Distance Measures for the Features in the Data Sets /David Koloseni, Jouni Lampinen and Pasi Luukka ; Modifications of Differential Evolution with Composite Trial Vector Generation Strategies /Josef Tvrdík ; Multi-Objective Differential Evolution on the GPU with C-CUDA /Fernando Bernardes de Oliveira, Donald Davendra and Frederico Gadelha Guimarães
Competitive Differential Evolution Algorithm in Comparison with Other Adaptive Variants /Radka Poláková and Josef Tvrdík ; Differential Evolution and Perceptron Decision Trees for Fault Detection in Power Transformers /A.R.R. Freitas, R.C. Pedrosa Silva and F.G. Guimarães ; Multiobjective Pareto Ordinal Classification for Predictive Microbiology /M. Cruz-Ramírez, J.C. Fernández, A. Valero, P.A. Gutiérrez and C. Hervás-Martínez ; Evaluation of Novel Soft Computing Methods for the Prediction of the Dental Milling Time-Error Parameter /Pavel Krömer, Tomáš Novosád, Václav Snášel, Vicente Vera and Beatriz Hernando, et al. ; Self-organizing Migration Algorithm on GPU with CUDA /Michal Pavlech ; Urban Traffic Flow Forecasting Using Neural-Statistic Hybrid Modeling /M. Annunziato, F. Moretti and S. Pizzuti ; Gravitational Search Algorithm Design of Posicast PID Control Systems /P.B. de Moura Oliveira, E.J. Solteiro Pires and Paulo Novais
A Web Platform and a Decision Model for Computer-Interpretable Guidelines /Tiago Oliveira, Paulo Novais and José Neves ; Smart Time Series Prediction /Eva Volna, Michal Janosek, Vaclav Kocian and Martin Kotyrba ; Soft Computing Testing in Real Industrial Platforms for Process Intelligent Control /E. Larzabal, J.A. Cubillos, M. Larrea, E. Irigoyen and J.J. Valera ; Human Resource Allocation in Process Simulations Based on Competency Vectors /Štěpán Kuchař and Jan Martinovič ; Soft Computing for the Analysis of People Movement Classification /Javier Sedano, Silvia González, Bruno Baruque, Álvaro Herrero and Emilio Corchado ; Intelligent Model to Obtain Current Extinction Angle for a Single Phase Half Wave Controlled Rectifier with Resistive and Inductive Load /José Luis Calvo-Rolle, Héctor Quintián, Emilio Corchado and Ramón Ferreiro-García ; A Statistical Classifier for Assessing the Level of Stress from the Analysis of Interaction Patterns in a Touch Screen
Model Driven Classifier Evaluation in Rule-Based System /Ladislav Clementis ; Local Model of the Air Quality on the Basis of Rough Sets Theory /Filip Mezera and Jiří Křupka ; Modeling Forecast Uncertainty Using Fuzzy Clustering /Ashkan Zarnani and Petr Musilek ; Proposing a New Method for Non-relative Imbalanced Dataset /Hamid Parvin, Sara Ansari and Sajad Parvin ; Correlation between Speech Quality and Weather /Petr Blaha, Jan Rozhon, Miroslav Voznak and Jan Skapa ; Genetic Algorithms Applied to Reverse Distribution Networks /A.R.R. Freitas, V.M.R. Silva, F.G. Guimarães and F. Campelo ; A Simple Data Compression Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks /Jonathan Gana Kolo, Li-Minn Ang, S. Anandan Shanmugam, David Wee Gin Lim and Kah Phooi Seng ; Metaheuristically Optimized Multicriteria Clustering for Medium-Scale Networks /David Chalupa and Jiří Pospíchal
A Hybrid Soft Computing Approach for Optimizing Design Parameters of Electrical Drives /Alexandru-Ciprian Zăvoianu, Gerd Bramerdorfer, Edwin Lughofer, Siegfried Silber and Wolfgang Amrhein, et al. ; Improvement of Accuracy in Sound Synthesis Methods by Means of Regularization Strategies /M.D. Redel-Macías and A.J. Cubero-Atienza ; Detecting Defects of Steel Slabs Using Symbolic Regression /Petr Gajdoš and Jan Platoš ; An Effective Application of Soft Computing Methods for Hydraulic Process Control /Ladislav Körösi and Štefan Kozák ; Automatic Neonatal Sleep EEG Recognition with Social Impact Based Feature Selection /Martin Macaš, Václav Gerla and Lenka Lhotská ; Wavelet Based Image Denoising Using Ant Colony Optimization Technique for Identifying Ice Classes in SAR Imagery /Parthasarathy Subashini, Marimuthu Krishnaveni, Bernadetta Kwintiana Ane and Dieter Roller ; A New Approach for Indexing Powder Diffraction Data Suitable for GPGPU Execution /I. Šime
A Kernel for Time Series Classification: Application to Atmospheric Pollutants /Marta Arias, Alicia Troncoso and José C. Riquelme ; Viscosity Measurement Monitoring by Means of Functional Approximation and Rule Based Techniques /Ramón Ferreiro-García, José Luis Calvo-Rolle, F. Javier Pérez Castelo and Manuel Romero Gómez ; A Performance Study of Concentrating Photovoltaic Modules Using Neural Networks: An Application with CO2RBFN /Antonio J. Rivera, B. García-Domingo, M.J. del Jesus and J. Aguilera ; Classical Hybrid Approaches on a Transportation Problem with Gas Emissions Constraints /Camelia-M. Pintea, Petrica C. Pop and Mara Hajdu-Macelaru ; Visualization in Information Retrieval from Hospital Information System /Miroslav Bursa, Lenka Lhotska, Vaclav Chudacek, Jiri Spilka and Petr Janku, et al. ; Investigation on Evolutionary Control and Optimization of Chemical Reactor /Ivan Zelinka and Lenka Skanderova
Designing PID Controller for DC Motor by Means of Enhanced PSO Algorithm with Dissipative Chaotic Map /Michal Pluhacek, Roman Senkerik, Donald Davendra and Ivan Zelinka ; Author Profile Identification Using Formal Concept Analysis /Martin Radvanský, Zdeněk Horák, Miloš Kudělka and Václav Snášel ; Dynamic Tabu Search for Non Stationary Social Network Identification Based on Graph Coloring /Israel Rebollo Ruiz and Manuel Graña Romay ; Immunity-Based Multi-Agent Coalition Formation for Elimination of Oil Spills /Martina Husáková ; Control Loop Model of Virtual Company in BPM Simulation /Roman Šperka, Marek Spišák, Kateřina Slaninová, Jan Martinovič and Pavla Dráždilová ; Intelligent Agents Design and Traffic Simulations /Michal Radecký and Petr Gajdoš ; Soft Computing Techniques Applied to a Case Study of Air Quality in Industrial Areas in the Czech Republic /Ángel Arroyo, Emilio Corchado, Verónica Tricio, Laura Garci0909 ; Notice créée lors du chargement rétrospectif des ebooks acquis à l'unité dans le cadre du dossier Ressources électroniques acquises (REA)

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