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Auteur(s) : International Conference on Machine Learning (7 ; 1990 ; University of Texas)  Voir les notices liées en tant qu'auteur
International Conference on Machine Learning (7 ; University of Texas1990)  Voir les notices liées en tant qu'auteur

Titre(s) : Machine learning [Texte électronique] : proceedings of the seventh international conference (1990), University of Texas, Austin, Texas, June 21-23, 1990 / editor/workshop chairs, Bruce Porter and Raymond Mooney ; sponsors, Office of Naval Research, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Program [and others]

Publication : San Mateo, Calif. : Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, cop. 1990

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Note(s) : "Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Machine Learning"--Cover
. - Includes bibliographical references and index

Autre(s) auteur(s) : Porter, Bruce (1956-....). Fonction indéterminée  Voir les notices liées en tant qu'auteur
Mooney, Raymond Joseph. Fonction indéterminée  Voir les notices liées en tant qu'auteur
Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Program U.S.. Fonction indéterminée  Voir les notices liées en tant qu'auteur

Sujet(s) : Apprentissage automatique  Voir les notices liées en tant que sujet
Planification  Voir les notices liées en tant que sujet
Classification  Voir les notices liées en tant que sujet
Apprentissage  Voir les notices liées en tant que sujet

Genre ou forme : Actes de congrès

Indice(s) Dewey : 006.31 (23e éd.)  Voir les notices liées en tant que sujet

Numéros : ISBN 9781558601413

Notice n° :  FRBNF44668398 (notice reprise d'un réservoir extérieur)

Table des matières : 1. Knowledge acquisition from examples usinmg maximal representation learning / S. Arun Kumar and S. Yegneshwar ; KBG: a knowledge based generalizer / G. Bisson ; Performance analysis of a probabalistic inductive learning system / K.C.C. Chan and A.K.C. Wong ; A comparative study of ID3 and backpropagation for English text-to-speech mapping / T.G. Dietterich, H. Hild, and G. Bakiri ; Learning from data with bounded inconsistency / H. Hirsh ; Conceptual set covering: improving fit-and-split algorithms / C.M. Kadie ; Incremental learning of rules and meta-rules / M. Schoenauer and M. Sebag ; An incremental method for finding multivariate splits for decision trees / P.E. Utgoff and C.E. Brodley ; Incremental induction of topologically minimal trees / W. Van de Velde.
2. A rational analysis of categorization / J.R. Anderson and M. Matessa ; Search control, utility, anf concept induction / B. Carlson, J. Weinberg, and D. Fisher ; Graph clustering and model learning by data compression / J. Segen ; 3. An analysis of representation shift in concept learning / W.E. Cohen ; Learning procedures by environment-driven constructive induction / D.V. Hume ; Beyond inversion of resolution / C. Rouveirol and J. Puget ; 4. Genetic programming / H. de Garis ; Improving the performance of genetic algorithms in automated discovery of parameters / N. Kadaba and K.E. Nygard ; Using genetic alogorithms to learn disjunctive rules from examples / R. Andrew McCallum and K.A. Spackman ; NEWBOOLE: a fast GBML system / P. Bonelli, A. Parodi, S. Sen and S. Wilson.
5. Learning functions in k-DNF from reinforcement / L.P. Kaelbling ; Is learning rate a good performance criterion for learning? / C. Sammut and J. Cribb ; Active perception and reinforcement learning / S.D. Whitehead and D.H. Ballard ; 6. Learning plans for competetive domains / S.L. Epstein ; Explanations of empirically derived reactive plans / D.F. Gordon and J.J. Grefenstette ; Learning and enforcement: stabilizing environments to facilitate activity / K.J. Hammond ; Simulation-assisted learning by competioion: effects of noise differences between training model and target environment / C.L. Ramsey, A.C. Schultz, and J.J. Grefenstette ; Integrated architecture for learning, planning, and reacting based on approximating dynamic programming / R.S. Sutton.
7. Reducing real-world failures of approximate explanation-based rules / S.W. Bennett ; Correcting and extending domain knowledge using outside guidance / J.E. Laird, M. Hucka, E.S. Yager, and C.M. Tuck ; Acquisition of dynamic control knowledge for a robotic manipulator / A.W. Moore ; Feature extraction and clustering of tactile impressions with connectionist models / M. Thint and P.P. Wang ; 8. Generalizing the order of goals as an approach to generalizing number / H. Bostrom ; Learning approximate control rules of high utility / W.W. Cohen ; Applying abstraction and simplification to learn in intratible domains / N.S. Fann ; Explanation-based learning with incomplete theories: a three-step approach / J. Genest, S. Matwin, and B. Plante ; Using abductive recovery of failed proofs for problem solving by analogy / Y. Kodratoff.
Issues in the design of operator composition systems / S. Minton ; Incremental learning of explanation patterns and their indices / A. Ram ; 9. Integrated learning in a real domain / F. Bergadano, A. Giordana, L. Saitta, D. DeMarchi, and F. Brancadori ; Incremental version-space merging / H. Hirsch ; Average case analysis of conjunctive learning algorithms / M.J. Pazzani and W. Sarrett ; ILS: a framework for multi-paradigmatic learning / B. Silver, W. Frawley, G. Iba, J. Vittal, and K. Bradford ; An integrated framework of inducing rules from examples ; Y. WU, S. Wanf, and Q. Zhou ; 10. Adaptive parsing: a general method for learning idiosyncratic grammars / J.F. Lehman ; A comparison of learning techniques in second language learning / S.L. Lytinen and C.E. Moon ; Learning string patterns and tree patterns from examples ; K. Ko, A. Marron, and W. Tzeng.
Learning with discrete multi-valued neurons / Z. Obradovic and I. Parberry ; 11. The general utility problems in machine learning / L.B. Holder ; A robust approach to numeric discovery / B. Nordhausen and P. Langley ; More results on the complexity of knowlegge base refinement: belief networks / M. Valtorta.

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