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Titre(s) : The Liver [Texte électronique] : Morphology, Biochemistry, Physiology

Publication : Burlington : Elsevier Science, 1963

Description matérielle : 1 online resource (700 pages)

Note(s) : I. Introduction: The General Role of the Liver
. - REFERENCESCHAPTER 7. DYNAMICS OF THE CIRCULATION IN THE LIVER; I. Methodological Considerations; II. Results of Various Estimations of Hepatic Blood Flow; III. Oxygen Transport and Consumption in the Liver; Iv. Hepatic Fractions of the Cardiac Output; V. Hepatic Circulation in Diseases of the Liver; VI. The Portal Pressure; VII. Experimental Alterations of the Hepatic Circulation; VIII. Concluding Remarks; REFERENCES; CHAPTER 8. THE CELL COMPONENTS OF THE LIVER; I. Introduction; II. Isolation of Cell Components; III. Morphology of Isolated Fractions
. - Print version record.
The Liver: Morphology, Biochemistry, Physiology, Volume I focuses on the advancement of knowledge on the liver under normal and pathological conditions, as revealed by morphological and physiological studies. The selection first offers information on the embryonic liver and anatomy of the liver, including morphology and physiology of the embryonic liver, histology of the liver, surgical segments, and vascular gross anatomy of the liver. The text then elaborates on the structure of the liver sinusoids and the sinusoidal cells and the cyto- and histochemistry of the liver. Topics include protein

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Numéros : ISBN 9781483228242

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Table des matières : Front Cover; The Liver: Morphology, Biochemistry, Physiology; Copyright Page; Contributors; Preface; Table of Contents; Contents of Volume II; CHAPTER 1. THE EMBRYONIC LIVER; I. Morphology; II. Embryonic Liver Physiology; ACKNOWLEDGMENTS; REFERENCES; CHAPTER 2. ANATOMY OF THE LIVER; I. Histology of the Liver; IL Vascular Gross Anatomy of the Liver; III. Surgical Segments; REFERENCES; CHAPTER 3. THE STRUCTURE OF THE LIVER SINUSOIDS AND THE SINUSOIDAL CELLS; I. Historical and Theoretical Considerations; II. Morphological Aspects of Lining Cells.
III. The Basement Membrane and the "Space of Disse"IV. Electron Microscopic Findings; REFERENCES; CHAPTER 4. CYTO- AND HISTOCHEMISTRY OF THE LIVER; I. Introduction; II. Nucleic Acids; III. Protein Reactions; IV. Glycogen; V. PAS-Positive Nonglycogenic Material; VI. Lipids; VII. Heavy Metals; VIII. Enzymatic Staining Reactions; IX. Discussion; REFERENCES; CHAPTER 5. ELECTRON MICROSCOPY OF THE LIVER; I. Introduction; II. The Hepatic Cell; III. The Biliary Pathways; IV. The Blood Sinusoids, the Kupffer Cells, and the Perisinusoidal Space; ACKNOWLEDGMENTS; REFERENCES.
CHAPTER 6. ACINAR UNITS AND THE PATHOPHYSIOLOGY OF THE LIVERI. Historical Note on the Microlobulation of the Liver; II. Simple Liver Acinus; III. The Complex Liver Acinus and the Acinar Agglomerate; IV. Hexagonal Pattern and the Interdigitation of the Afferent and Efferent Vascular Trees; V. Pathways of Hepatic Circulation; VI. Lines and Patterns Deriving from the Acinar Units for the Orientation of Hepatic Lesions; VII. Functional Anatomical Interpretation of Classical Notions in Pathology; VIII. Common Lesions in the Structural and Functional Units of the Human Liver; IX. Summary.
IV. Biochemistry of Isolated Cell ComponentsV. Conclusions; VI. Appendix: Isolated Liver Cells; ACKNOWLEDGMENTS; REFERENCES; CHAPTER 9. METABOLISM OF AMINO ACIDS AND PROTEINS; I. Introduction; II. General Picture of Amino Acid and Protein Metabolism; III. Free Amino Acid Levels: Concentration of Amino Acids by the Liver; IV. The Removal of Nitrogen as Ammonia from Amino Acids; V. Transamination of Amino Acids; VI. Other Mechanisms for the Removal of Nitrogen; VII. Urea Metabolism; VIII. Ammonia Metabolism; IX. Creatine-Creatinine Metabolism; CHAPTER 10. THE LIVER AND LIPID METABOLISM.

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