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Titre(s) : Psychobiology [Texte électronique] : behavior from a biological perspective / Edited by James L. McGaugh

Publication : New York : Academic Press, 1971

Description matérielle : 1 ressource dématérialisée

Note(s) : Includes bibliographical references and indexes

Autre(s) auteur(s) : McGaugh, James L.. Fonction indéterminée  Voir les notices liées en tant qu'auteur

Sujet(s) : Psychophysiologie  Voir les notices liées en tant que sujet
Psychobiologie  Voir les notices liées en tant que sujet

Indice(s) Dewey : 152 (23e éd.)  Voir les notices liées en tant que sujet

Numéros : ISBN 9780124837508

Notice n° :  FRBNF44637281 (notice reprise d'un réservoir extérieur)

Table des matières : Chapter 1. Evolution of behavior / Aubrey Manning : I. Introduction ; II. Behavior as adaptation to the environment ; III. How selection operates ; IV. The origins of behavior ; V. Sexual isolation ; References.
Chapter 2. The concept of instinct / Richard E. Whalen : I. Introduction ; II. Traditional instinct approach ; III. The ontogenetic approach ; IV. The variance approach ; V. Instinct and heritability ; VI. Difficulties with the model ; VII. Measurement of heritability ; VIII. The control of behavior ; IX. Experience and the development of behavior ; X. Conclusion ; References.
Chapter 3. Sensory processes and behavior / W.R.A. Muntz : I. Introduction ; II. The behavioral relevance of physiological findings ; III. Sensory systems and behavior ; References.
Chapter 4. Appetite motivation / D.A. Deutsch : I. Introduction ; II. Hunger and thirst ; III. What produces thirst? ; IV. What produces hunger? ; V. Where do changes producing hunger and thirst act? ; VI. Has thirst really been produced? ; VII. Central nervous system loci linked to hunger ; VIII. Is it real hunger which is produced by electrical stimulation? ; IX. What other properties do these other central drive mechanisms have? ; X. Regulation of amount eaten or drunk ; XI. Counterinjection ; XII. The afferent inhibition view of satiation ; XIII. Specific hungers ; XIV. Reward ; References.
Chapter 5. Attentive processes / Norman M. Weinberger : I. Introduction ; II. Objects of sensorial attention ; III. The measurement of attention ; IV. The utility of the construct "attention" ; V. Neural mechanisms ; VI. Concluding remarks ; References.
Chapter 6. Brain mechanisms of memory / E Roy John : I. The development of our ideas about localization of brain functions ; II. The localization of function ; III. The localizationist position ; IV. Theories of memory localization ; V. The antilocalizationist viewpoint ; VI. The localization of memory ; VII. The localization of speech function ; VIII. Objections to deterministic theories ; IX. How are memories established? ; X. Self-selection of representation neurons ; XI. Critical substance and critical shift ; XII. The multiple-trace theory ; XIII. Does critical shift in some cells imply deterministic function? ; XIV. Mechanisms of stable information storage ; XV. Electrophysiological studies of learning and memory ; XVI. Tracer technique ; XVII. Appearance of electrical similarities in different brain regions ; XVIII. Relationship between waveshape and site of stimulation ; XIX. Relationship between waveshape and meaning ; XX. Endogenous components in response of the brain to
Chapter 7. Cognitive deficit: experimental analysis / Marcel Kinsbourne : I. Aims and methods ; II. Natural history ; III. Perception ; IV. Language disorder ; V. Sequencing of information ; VI. Anatomical basis of cerebral function ; References.

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