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Titre(s) : Colonial contexts and postcolonial theologies [Texte imprimé] : storyweaving in the Asia-Pacific / edited by Mark G. Brett and Jione Havea

Publication : New York, NY : Palgrave Macmillan, 2014

Description matérielle : x, 273 pages ; 23 cm

Collection : Postcolonialism and religions

Lien à la collection : Postcolonialism and religions 

Comprend : Foreword / C. I. David Joy ; Locating Theology ; Threshold theology / Bill Ashcroft ; Weaving oppression and liberation: postcolonial theology as theology of struggle / Gemma Tulud Cruz ; Va'atapalagi: de-heavening trinitarian theology in the islands / Upolu Lumā Vaai ; Let the river flow ~ ~ a postcolonial ecotheology and the grand canal project in Korea / Jea Sophia Oh ; Relocating the bible ; The hebrew bible and postcolonial Samoan hermeneutics / Makesi Neemia ; The empire of God, the postcolonial Jesus, and postapocalyptic Mark / Keith Dyer ; Encountering state ideology: reading the bible from an indonesian postcolonial perspective / Yusak B. Setyawan ; Natives, reading, scriptures: in transit, in Pasifika / Jione Havea ; John Green, manager of Coranderrk Aboriginal Station, but also a Ngamadjidj? New insights into his work with victorian aboriginal people in the nineteenth century / Ian D. Clark and Fred Cahir ; Men, masculinity, and missionaries: exploring the cultural, health, and spiritual impact of the australian missionary enterprise on aboriginal men / Brian F. McCoy ; Law and sovereignity in australian national narratives / Mark G. Brett ; Postcolonial practices ; "Terra nullius amnesiacs": a theological analysis of the persistence of colonization in the australian context and the blocks to real reconciliation / Peter Lewis ; This is my body? a postcolonial investigation of indigenous australian communion practices / Steve Taylor and Tim Matton-Johnson ; Homemaking: reclaiming the ideal of home as a framework for hosting cultural and religious diversity / Seforosa Carroll ; Acknowledging traditional owners: a theological inquiry / Anne Elvey ; Mission in the great south land : an indigenous perspective / Mark Yettica-Paulson.

Note(s) : Includes bibliographical references and index
Colonial Contexts and Postcolonial Theology focuses on what postcolonial theologies look like in colonial contexts, particularly in dialogue with the First Nations Peoples in Australia and the Asia-Pacific. The contributors have roots in the Asia-Pacific, but the struggles, theologies and concerns they address are shared across the seas. As a collection, this book is a work in "Storyweaving," which means, simply, the weaving of stories and memories that enliven journeys, traditions, histories and customs, with their pains and longings. A rich selection of theological themes and concerns are woven together in this book: the challenges of Postcolonialism; Theology as Struggle; rethinking Trinity in Samoa; cost of the Grand Canal Project in Korea; Postcolonial Samoan Hermeneutics; Empire in Postapocalyptic Mark; Indonesian Postcolonial Perspective; Natives in Pasifika; John Green as ngamadjidj; Masculinity and Missionaries; Law and Sovereignty; Terra Nullius Amnesiacs; Holy Communion with Indigenous elements; Homemaking; Acknowledging Traditional Owners; and Indigenous Perspective on Mission

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Numéros : ISBN 9781137475466 (alk. paper). - ISBN 1137475463 (alk. paper)

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