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Auteur(s) : Maffie, James  Voir les notices liées en tant qu'auteur

Titre(s) : Aztec philosophy [Texte imprimé] : understanding a world in motion / James Maffie

Publication : Boulder : University press of Colorado, 2013

Description matérielle : 1 vol. (xiv, 592 pages) ; 24 cm

Comprend : Chapter 1 ; Teotl211.1 ; Teotl211.2 ; Supporting Scholarship311.3 ; The Cosmos as Teotl's Artistic-Shamanic Self-Transformation381.4 ; Some Implications of and Objections against Several Aspects of this Interpretation of Aztec Metaphysics431.5 ; Conclusion62Chapter 2 ; Pantheism792.1 ; Pantheism792.2 ; The Sacred922.3 ; Neltiliztli, Self-Presentation, and Nonhierarchical Well-Ordering1002.4 ; Ixiptla and Teixiptla1132.5 ; Animism1142.6 ; Objections and Replies1162.1 ; Conclusion121Chapter 3 ; Agonistic Inamic Unity1373.1 ; Agonistic Inamic Unity1373.2 ; Agonistic Inamic Unity as a Pattern in the Weaving of the Cosmos1403.3 ; Examining Agonistic Inamic Unity1433.4 ; Artistic Presentations of Agonistic Inamic Unity1593.5 ; Abstract Inamic Pairs1643.6 ; Balance and Imbalance, and Center and Periphery Are Not Inamic Pairs1683.7 ; Ometeotl1693.8 ; Conclusion172Chapter 4 ; Teotl as Olin1854.1 ; Olin1864.2 ; Linguistic Evidence1874.3 ; Literary Evidence1944.4 ; Graphic Evidence2304.3 ; Conclusion241Chapter 5 ; Teotl as Malinalli2615.1 ; Linguistic Evidence2615.2 ; Literary Evidence2675.3 ; Graphic Evidence3205.4 ; Conclusion329Chapter 6 ; Teotl as Nepantla3556.1 ; Linguistic Evidence3556.2 ; Literary Evidence3646.3 ; Graphic Evidence4016.4 ; Conclusion403Chapter 7 ; Teotl as Time-Place4197.1 ; Introductory Remarks on Time and Place4197.2 ; The Tonalpohualli4237.3 ; The Xihuitl or Xiuhpohualli 43° --7.4 ; Aztec Cosmogony4327.5 ; Aztec Time-Place: a Monistic and Processive Interpretation4527.6 ; Conclusion465Chapter 8 ; Weaving the Cosmos: Reality and Cosmos as Nepantla Process4798.1 ; The Dynamics of the Aztec Cosmos4798.2 ; Backstrap Weaving4838.3 ; Weaving the Fifth Sun-Earth Age4958.4 ; The First Four Sun-Earth Ages as Nepantla Process5028.5 ; The Fifth Age as Nepantla-Generated Woven House5038.6 ; The Vertical Folding of the Cosmos and of the Fifth Age5048.7 ; Cosmos and Reality as Nepantla Process5088.8 ; Conclusion512

Note(s) : Includes bibliographical references( pages 531-565) and index
In Aztec Philosophy, James Maffie reveals a highly sophisticated and systematic Aztec philosophy worthy of consideration alongside European philosophies of their time. Bringing together the fields of comparative world philosophy and Mesoamerican studies, Maffie excavates the distinctly philosophical aspects of Aztec thought. Aztec Philosophy focuses on the ways Aztec metaphysics--the Aztecs' understanding of the nature, structure and constitution of reality--underpinned Aztec thinking about wisdom, ethics, politics,\ and aesthetics, and served as a backdrop for Aztec religious practices as well as everyday activities such as weaving, farming, and warfare. Aztec metaphysicians conceived reality and cosmos as a grand, ongoing process of weaving--theirs was a world in motion. Drawing upon linguistic, ethnohistorical, archaeological, historical, and contemporary ethnographic evidence, Maffie argues that Aztec metaphysics maintained a processive, transformational, and non-hierarchical view of reality, time, and existence along with a pantheistic theology. Aztec Philosophy will be of great interest to Mesoamericanists, philosophers, religionists, folklorists, and Latin Americanists as well as students of indigenous philosophy, religion, and art of the Americas

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