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Titre(s) : Fats : Waller : complete recordings 1 [Enregistrement sonore] / Thomas "Fats" Waller, W.C. [William Christopher] Handy, Worde, Gilbert... [et al.] ; with Alberta Hunter, voc ; Morris's Hot Babies, ensemble instr. ; Juanita Stinette Chappelle, voc ; Bert Howell, voc... [et al.], Fats Waller, p, org, voc.
Publication : Paris : RCA, [1975]
Description matérielle : 10 disques : 33 t, mono ; 30 cm + brochure (1 p. : 29cm)
Collection : Black and white

Note(s) : Reprise intégrale d'enregistrements de 1926 à 1936, à l'exception des titres figurant dans les coffrets "Fats Waller Memorial", vol. 1 et 2. - Notices en français et en anglais de Pierre-François Cangardel et Roy Cooke, avec détail des dates et du personnel

Référence(s) commerciale(s) : RCA FATSCOF1 (en coffret) (coffret)
RCA 741052 (disque)
RCA 741062 (disque)
RCA 741076 (disque)
RCA 741086 (disque)
RCA 741094 (disque)
RCA 741112 (disque)
RCA 741113 (disque)
RCA FPM17001 (disque)
RCA FPM17008 (disque)
RCA FPM17025 (disque)

Notice n° :  FRBNF38007296

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Réunit :
Soothin' syrup stomp : 2 takes
Sloppy water blues
Loveless love
Messin' around with the blues
Rusty pail : 2 takes
Stompin' the bug : 2 takes
Hog man stomp : 2 takes
Sugar : 2 takes
Beale street blues : 2 takes
I'm goin' to see my ma
Fats Waller stomp
Savannah blues : 2 takes
Won't you take me home ? : 2 takes
Bye Florence
He's gone away : 2 takes
I ain't got nobody
The Digah's stomp : 2 takes
Red hot Dan : 2 takes
Geechee : 2 takes
PLease take me out of jail : 2 takes
When you're with somebody else
Willow tree : 2 takes
Sippi : 2 takes
Thou swell : 2 takes
Persian rug
The Minor drag
Harlem Fuss
Ain't misbehavin'
Sweet Savannah Sue
I've got a feeling I'm falling : 3 takes
Love me or leave me : 2 takes
Valentine stomp
Waiting at the end of the road : 2 takes
Baby, oh ! Where can you be ? : 3 takes
Tanglefoot : 2 takes
That's all
Waiting at the end of the road
Baby, oh ! where can you be : 2 takes
Goin'about : 2 takes
Lookin good but feelin'bad
I need someone like you
You don't understand
You've got to be modernistic
My fate is in your hand : 2 takes
Turn on the heat
Lookin' for another sweetie
Riddin' but walkin'
Won't you get up off it, please ?
When I'm alone
St Louis blues
After you've gone
A Porter's love song to a chamber maid
I wish I were twins : 2 takes
Armful o'sweetness
Georgia May
Then I'll be tired of you
Believe it, beloved
'M growing fonder of you
If it isn't love
Breakin' the ice
I'm a hundred per cent for you : 2 takes
Baby Brown
Night wind
You fit into the picture
Louisiana fairy tale : 2 takes
What's the reason : 2 takes
Medley : Night wind
African ripples
Because of once upon a time
Dust off that old pianna
Lulu's back in town
Sweet and slow
You've been taking lessons in love
You're the cutest one
I hate to talk about myself
You're the picture
Blue because of you
There's going to the devil to pay
There'll be some changes made
Sweet Sue
Truckin' Sugar blues
Georgia rockin' chair
Brother seek and ye shall find
The Girl I left behind me
You're so darn charming : 2 takes
Woe ! is me
Loafin' time
A Sweet beginning like this
Got a bran' new suit
Thief in the night
When somebody thinks you're wonderful
I've got my fingers crossed
Spreadin' rhythm around
A Little bit independent
You stayed away too long
Fat and greasy : 2 takes
Sugar Rose
West wind
That never-to-be-forgotten night
Sing an old-fashioned song
Garbo green
All my life
It's no fun
Cabin in the sky
Us on a bus
The More I know you
Big chief De Sota
Black raspberry jam : 2 takes
Latch on
I'm crazy'bout my baby
I just made up with that old gal of mine
Until the real thing comes along
There goes my attraction
The Curse of an aching heart : 2 takes
Copper colored gal of mine
I'm at the mercy of love
A Rhyme for love


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